Work Less, Earn More!

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Have you noticed how when you are doing something that is fun, easy and enjoyable, time seem to pass quickly and easily? What you are doing does not feel like you are “working” or that it is a chore…
However, at other times, work can be such a burden and you just can’t seem to plough through it. It seems like time is standing still and feels really hard to get the job done. It is as if your system rebels against it…
Why do you feel that certain type of work are easy and energizing whilst others seemed difficult and cumbersome?
The key is in your personality. Your personality gears you to do certain type of work as “natural” and others that seem “tough”.
When you do work that you are “naturally good at”, it doesn’t count as work but ‘play’ or ‘fun’! This is the key to enjoying work and “working less and earning more”. Of course, the second half of it is that you do more profitable things in the limited time you have.
As you do things in line with your personality, you become better and better at it.  Therefore, you are being able to command a premium fee or earn a better salary given the opportunity.
There are two steps to identifying work that is good for you:
a. First, know what your personality is.
b. Second, study closely the characteristics of your personality and choose work that is aligned to your personality.
To pinpoint your unique characteristic traits, why not ask me, your friendly neighborhood personality profiler on personalityprofiler@gmail.com. to provide you with an analysis of your personality characteristics.
To gvie you a little idea of what occupations are best suited for certain personality, some indicators are given below.
Is energized by people interaction and occupations that a Sanguine thrive in are:
hospitality, public relations, communications, public speaking, event management, sports talent manager, kindergarten school teacher, coach and trainer.
Has a preference for being the team boss and occupations that a Choleric will excel in are: manager, operations, factory manager, project management and sales manager.
Likes to work at detail-oriented, analytical jobs and occupations that Melancholic will absolutely fit in are: Product designers, craftsmen, artists, data analysts, theoretical academicians, mathematicians, software engineers, technicians, scientists and precision-driven environmentalist.
They are the dreamers who like to write blog posts taking a stroll by the beachside, working at their own pace and occupations that will give them the next rush of inspiration are: artists, writers, painters, chefs, restaurateurs, programmers, bloggers, and consultants.
So, would you like to know which category you fall into? How you can settle into your own groove and work less and earn more? Then write to me at PersonalityProfiler@gmail.com

How to know your boss’ personality!

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Happiness at work depends a lot on whether your boss is a mentor or a tor-mentor! If you and your boss are on the same page, it can mean bliss. On the other hand if he is a completely different animal, things can get sticky, exasperating and sometimes, very messy!

But seriously, how can you tell what your boss really wants. How can you get the buttons that get him going?

Here’s my cheat sheet for you! Now you can relax and have fun!

Type 1


Type 1:

Does your boss:

– Love attention?

– Likes to be told he/she is the best?

– Organize group outings as de-stressing activities?

– Talks loudly, pats people on the back and very demonstrative?

– Has trouble organizing things, prioritizing and with deadlines?

– Forgets your name?

Type 2


Type 2:

– Is your boss very demanding?

– Makes you feel he/she is always right?

– Not only tells what is to be done but how it needs to be done?

– Forgets people in focusing to get work done?

– Appears stubborn and controlling?

– Throws things at people if they make mistakes?

Type 3


Type 3:

– Is a talented person and often does the work of his/her subordinates?

– Likes perfection?

– Shy person but detailed and logical?

– Makes lists for himself/herself as well as for you?

– Always remembers small details? (even those you wish he/she wouldn’t).

– Makes you feel bad by working harder? (thank you very much!)

Type 4


Type 4:

– Doesn’t care much about work or promotion?

– Is a cool person and never loses it under pressure?

– Likes to crack sarcastic jokes about just about anyone?

– Likes to do nothing?

– Shows you shortcuts?

– Can be your best friend – cares, understands and gives you credit?

Now you’ve nailed your boss! What do you do now?

Write to me find out more about this fascinating process – once you know

your type, and your boss’s type, I will teach how the two of you can live in

peace and happiness 🙂

Write to me at personalityprofiler@gmail.com

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Revealed – Avatar’s Sexy Personalities

Avatar, a fabulous movie full of rare magic which will transport, entertain, intrigue but most of all ignite your imagination…

Whilst on the subject of imagination, wouldn’t it be fascinating to get under the skin of characters in a movie and to understand what they are feeling and thinking?

Success of a movie depends on realistic portrayals of characters and the way they are brought to life. When the setting is an exotic place, a sinking ship, a Victorian age palace, an extra-planetary characters, it is be even more fascinating.

No wonder the movie Avatar draws such huge fascination and interest. Created by James Cameron, the brilliant director behind the movie Titanic, he made Avatar with stunning visual appeal, a gripping story line, intriguing and at times endearing extraterrestrial characters.

It was no surprise when I found myself wondering about the personalities of the characters. I believe part of the interest in the movie is because of the variety of characters and the way the personalities interact – diversity adds to richness of the story and suspense.

Let’s take a look at the main characters and dig deeper into them:

First is Jake (Sam Worthington). What strikes me most about him is that he is relaxed, has no personal agenda of his own and connects easily with people. The fascinating thing about him is although he lacks personal ambition or need for dominating others, he still comes across as a thoroughly likable and charismatic person. Those characteristics make him highly desirable to the opposite sex, even when they are an alien species! However when he is thrust into action, Jake proves to be very brave in a tantrum-free manner and the ability to assume leadership. My analysis of him is that of a phlegmatic.

Then comes the bewitchingly beautiful and exotic Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), the warrior princess of the Omaticaya, the Na’vi clan. She is a happy go lucky princess, in tune with nature, spontaneous and with a magnetic appeal. She is excitable, optimistic and loves life. No wonder then that she is attracted to Jake. His apparently non-ambitious character is a perfect foil for her warm-hearted and full-blooded character. Together they make an attractive pair with their amazing chemistry and inspirational personalities. Although Neytiri is brave, competitive and is a fierce warrior yet essentially she is feminine, strong, emotional and a lover of life. My analysis of her is that of a sanguine personality.

Every story needs one of these – a villain. A character strong enough to dream and plot of world domination, scheming and manipulatively making people dance to their tune. Their will is fierce and is dismissive of the needs of other people. It is a case of ‘my way or the highway’ attitude.  In a positive role, they achieve great things, run organizations admirably and can lead thousands of men unflinchingly. But contrastingly in a negative role, they cause damage and hurt with their lack of compassion and no regard for right or wrong as they pursue their own personal agenda. In Avatar, it is Colonel Miles (played by Steven Lang). My analysis of him is that of a choleric personality.

And lastly, there is Grace (played by Sigourney Weaver). A botanist and in-charge of the Avatar program. Advocate of peaceful relations with Na’vi. She sets up a school to teach Na’vi English therefore paving way for greater research and better understanding. A researcher, detailed and with an inquisitive mind. Loves collecting specimens and in one scene, despite her serious injury, she still has the strength to say: “l have to collect this specimen” in reference to the beautiful floating alien flowers!  Almost the anti-choleric, she facilitates and shapes the future through her conscientious work ethic and sense of duty. She is organized, a structured thinker and leads through knowledge. My analysis of her is that of a melancholic personality.

So as you can see, the characters in Avatar are no different from any of us in terms of personality. It is interesting to note that when all is well in our world or in the Avatar’s Pandora’s world, we all displayed our primary pleasant personality. However, when confronted with threats or dangers, our secondary personality will rise to the surface to tackle the challenges with formidable strengths not to be reckoned with as seen in the conclusion of the movie…

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7 Ways to be More Effective at Workplace

Marie Ang

Marie Ang

It is rare that we can choose everyone we work with – our bosses, colleagues, team members and subordinates. Yet, it is hard to miss the diversity of personalities. Everyone seems to be driven by different issues, with varying energy and excitement levels. Some are brilliant in idea generation but loners, others are very good with people but not analytical. Then there are the thinkers who make lists, analyze every issue but can’t seem to move ahead.

While it is easy to notice the differences, the variety of individuals and their personalities involved can be perplexing.

The study of personalities can increase our self-awareness levels, our perception of the world and how we relate to others in group situations.

To obtain a detailed analysis of your own personality profile, to learn more about others and increase your effectiveness levels, write to personalityprofiler@gmail.com

Here are 7 specific benefits of studying personality profiles and becoming aware of one’s own profile:

1. Make a great first impression and a lasting impact

If we learn to adapt our style to the requirements of the job, we can make a great first impression and a lasting impact. We need to know expectations, personalities of people involved and act intelligently. It would be foolish to take things lightly when the expectation is to be serious and vice versa. By doing our homework, not only can we make a great first impression when meeting people but we can also work with them such that the whole association is productive.

2. Become a more effective team member

A team often has a diversity of personalities. Some are naturally people-oriented. Others are task-driven. Some simply don’t care. We can make a valuable contribution by becoming a team member who can share insights and help others move forward toward the common goal.

3. Influence people to your point of view

Effectiveness often requires convincing people to your point of view. This requires an understanding of other people’s needs, likes and styles. Knowledge of others’ personalties prevents us from getting sideways. We need to find the sweet spots that will help tell our story the most effective way.

Some people will like the human element and emotions, others facts and figures and some others action points. Blending an element of these personality styles will help us to become more powerful communicators.

4. Make your voice heard in meetings

A meeting is a situation that involves different personalities and viewpoints. It often depends on what the objective of the meeting is. Once again, keeping the team goal in mind, it is possible to contribute in a way that involves people and helps move towards the meeting agenda.

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5. Know when to lead and when to follow

Some people are natural leaders – taking charge, being decisive and pushing others. Others can be laidback and relaxed. There is a time to provide direction, build vision and lead others. At other times its more appropriate to listen, understand and execute actions. Both have value. Its as important to be a follower as it is to be a leader.

Gaining an insight into others personalities and one’s own can help to be both an effective leader and a follower.

6. Benefit from other people’s strengths

To be effective, its important to leverage other people’s gifts and talents. People are often uniquely talented. The quiet and laidback person can be very creative. The overactive person can have excellent person skills.

An important part of leveraging others’ skills is knowing oneself – both strengths and limitations. Being humble and respecting others skills can lead to spectacular results.

7. Partner with others for success

Sparks can fly at workplace when people with divergent personalities fail to see eye-to-eye. Some can be abrasive and seem insensitive. Others too indifferent. Some people seem to promise a lot but not deliver. Others painstakingly detailed and slow.

Learning about personalities provides a unique insight into others that can help to form lasting business partnerships and bring fantastic results in short and long term.

To obtain a detailed analysis of your own personality profile as well as to learn more about others and to increase your effectiveness levels, write to personalityprofiler@gmail.com


Welcome from Marie Ang!


My Mission Statement:
“To help people realise their true person on the inside and empower them with the knowledge of their personality and its potential so they can approach life with freedom, confidence, self respect, dignity and a real sense of personal value.”
Personality – a word that everyone uses but not many understand.
Self-awareness and understanding of personality brings true freedom and empowers us to blossom and flower to the call of true potential.
I am a Personality Profiler. I analyse why you behave the way you behave and what personality do to you and to those around you …
Do you:
• Find some people’s behaviour and actions irritating?
• Cross the “I” and dot the “T” and do not accept imperfection?
• Like to be surrounded by people and be the centre of attention?
• Like to relax, chill out and not do anything?
• Understand the phrase “they could not get along due to personality clashes”?
So, what exactly are these personality clashes or for that matter what exactly is personality?
Each one of us is born with a set of personality traits that make us unique. Some of these personalities make us more effective in different areas of life; while others cause us to be less effective. Many of us probably wandered through life not knowing who or what we are or why people do not understand us.
I can help you to discover your true self. Personality profiling is not to box or define anyone into a certain personality type but rather to create awareness of the different strengths and weaknesses.
To find out how I can help you understand yourself and leverage your key strengths and unique abilities, write to me – personalityprofiler@gmail.com


Meet Marie!

I am a Personality Profiler. I can provide insights into your behavior for self-improvement so you can grow to your full potential and find freedom.

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This basic personality profiling analysis is designed to help you identify both your primary and secondary personalities. The information provided should only be used as a general guide so you can understand your personality better. This is not a comprehensive analysis and does not provide detailed insight into the variations of your unique personality. This analysis should not be used to determine any psychological or mental conditions. If warranted, you should always seek the services of a professional health care provider who can provide the proper diagnosis and treatment. Please be advised that your email and privacy are always respected and protected. The analysis and report that is emailed to you is not retained on our systems. We will never share your personal information, email addresses or any of your information with anyone. We will always respect your privacy and you as our valued client.
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